If you use Google Calendar, have multiple calendars, and want to show them on an iOS device using an "Exchange" connection to GMail (provides better push support than IMAP), to use the page http://m.google.com/sync, you must be (1) logged in with your Google account in Safari, and (2) show the page in English.

I just got a new Ipad, and had to go through the usual hoops to setup mail, contacts, calendars, etc. I use multiple calendars in Google Calendar extensively, and if you connect the iPad to GMail using "Exchange" in iPad, getting to the "extra" calendars on iOS isn't as straight forward as it could be. Some googling eventually always brings up the link to choose which calendars to sync - currently, it's on http://m.google.com/sync, but for some reason I kept getting the error "Your device isn't supported" when visiting the link on my new iPad.

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06 April 2012