This is the best news I've had all week!

Microsoft and Joyent have announced that they will work towards making Windows a supported platform for Node.js

If you live in a Windows shop, it will no longer be political suicide to suggest a Node-solution. Well, at least less :-)

The event driven nature of Node.js, is just a much better solution to many problems, than the more traditional per-request threading model that many web servers employ. Handling 10.000 long running requests on IIS is no fun, but it's a breeze in Node.js

For some nails, Node.js is simply a much better hammer! That it also scales really well, is an added bonus.

At the moment Node.js solutions can really only be deployed on *nix platforms. Node.js does run on Windows, but everything about doing so is a hassle and it's Cygwin cage hampers performance. Unfortunately, most Windows shops are terrified of anything non-conformant, which often means solving problems with 'approved' tools, rather than the best tools, effectively ruling out Node-solutions deployed on anything non-Windows.

This news brought Node.js a little closer to becomming an approved tool, rather than just being the best :-)

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24 June 2011